Hydroponics means “working water”, One of the potential applications of hydroponics that drove research was growing fresh produce in non-arable areas of the world and areas with little to no soil. It is also called vertical farming and recently, it has shown upward trends specially in developed countries.

Hydroponics set up

A few of the benefits of hydroponics include:
  • To produce higher yields than soil-based agriculture
  • Food to be grown & consumed in areas of the world that cannot support crops
  • Reducing pesticide use (considering most pests live in the soil), and thus making our ecosystem cleaner
  • Amla Juice
  • Aloe-Vera Juice
  • Neem Juice
  • Triphla Juice
  • Noni Juice

The speed of hydroponic research is increasing at exponential rates as the many benefits are realized. Associated disciplines such as aeroponics and aquaponics lead the way, and nobody knows what the future holds for such an exciting green technology.

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