The Abha Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd is located in the Capital regions of India, specifically in Noida. It is a premier third-party manufacturer of nutraceuticals and health supplements in the country. Our state-of-the –art facilities and strict rules ensures contamination controls in manufacturing unit. We make sure to minimize our interaction with equipment and materials during the process.

Our equipment manufacturing area is frequently updated and we are committed to deliver highly efficient products that meet industry standards. We have well-equipped manufacturing units that can cater to any need and volume.


We specialize in manufacturing
proprietary nutraceutical dosage forms





Our liquid manufacturing tanks have a large capacity to meet any demand. The jacketed tanks are equipped with steam and vacuum systems that boost the speed and ensure the consistency of the process. We use a homogenizer to achieve uniformity in our formulation, and we filter the liquids through a specially designed zero hold up filter press to obtain a clear and impurity-free liquid before transferring it to the storage vessel. Our tablet manufacturing unit uses advanced technology and sustainable resources to produce next-generation products. We are manufacturing 1lakh bottles/month liquid and 40,000 kg/month powder in very efficient way. Our capsule manufacturing unit uses high-speed machinery to fill the capsules and deliver them to the market quickly. Our current capsule manufacturing capabilities reached approximately 50 lakh capsules/month.

We are proud for our manufacturing capabilities and products. Come and explore our website to gain a new experience.

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