At Abha Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd., we continuously strive for customer satisfaction by providing highly effective nutraceutical products and health supplements utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Our deep research and formulation processes ensure quality and meet the highest global standards. Our commitment to quality service and products has enabled us to reach a broader audience.

From the time of its inception, we have maintained our values with our standard quality products. Our values and parameters that set us apart from others include: –

.... Differentiating Qualities ​ ....

The Hallmarks of Our Elite Workforce and Superior Products


We manufacture our products as per standard guidelines such as ISO and GMP etc. Some of our important certifications include: –

  • ISO & GMP- Abha Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd. manufacturing facility is equipped with widely recognized ISO and GMP certificates that ensure that products are prepared in a hygienic environment.
  • Our IAF, FSSAI, ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, Otabu, EGAC, OHSAS 18001, GMP, India organic, and HALAL certifications make our products safe and suitable for different consumers around the globe. These certifications provide assurance that our product follows essential regulations for different regions and markets, to make standard products.

Manufactur Capabilities

We have world-class manufacturing units with state-of-the-art equipment meeting standards from WHO, GMP, and ISO. With our expertise in making different products from various categories including nutritional supplements, diabetic care, bone and muscle care, superfoods, immunity boosters, etc., we have placed ourselves at the top.

Regulatory Compliance

Abha Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd. adheres to all the regulatory guidelines set by standard authorities including WHO, GMP, etc.

Marketing and Sales

As a third-party manufacturer, we have established business relations and partnerships with different companies in India as well as foreign countries. Our skilled team of marketing executives, business development executives, etc has made us reach the global platform. Our excellent services have gained us the trust of reputed firms in India.

We are committed to quality, accuracy, and precision.

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