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A Comprehensive Guide to India’s Nutraceutical Market

Comprehensive Guide to India's Nutraceutical Market

A growing understanding of value of nutrition and wellness has led to a significant boom in the nutraceutical business in recent years. This industry offers products with health benefits that go beyond simple nourishment by combining aspects of nutrition and drugs. Within this blog, we delve into the dynamic nutraceutical scene in India, the best nutraceutical companies in India, up-and-coming supplement businesses, and the function of third-party manufacturing in this quickly changing sector.

Indian Nutraceutical Market

The global nutraceutical market is anticipated to reach a worth of USD 358.5 billion by 2027, up from its current estimated value of USD 233.9 billion while Indian nutraceutical market is expected to grow by 2025, with the increase over USD 18 billion. (Courtesy: Economic Times, Investor Portal) Increase in consumer health consciousness and ongoing industry innovation are the main drivers of this rise. The industry is well-positioned to achieve notable progress in the upcoming years, offering a diverse array of products and service.

Industry leaders

Numerous well-known nutraceutical companies are based in India. The top ten nutraceutical companies in India are as follows:

Some of the major companies that have significantly impacted the nutraceutical industry in India include Zoic Pharmaceuticals, Lifecare Neuro, JoinHub Pharma, United Laboratories, Asterisk Healthcare, Kabir Lifesciences, Venistro Biotech, SwissChem Healthcare, Nutriberry Nutraceuticals, and Bionova Lifesciences. These businesses, by providing a wide range of items that cater to different health demands, have been instrumental in forming the market.

Role of Abha Biotechnology

As a third-party contract manufacturing company, Abha Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd. specializes in dosage forms that are liquid, capsules, sachet, and powdered. Vitamins, proteins, minerals, herbal supplements, and other components that replenish the body’s lost nutrition are included in their goods. Cutting edge nutraceutical science is embraced by Abha Biotechnology, which has a committed team of bright scientists and researchers. Abha Biotechnology plays a major role in the expansion and economic growth of Indian nutraceutical industries.

Best Nutraceutical Company in India

The best nutraceutical firm can be difficult to define because it depends on a number of elements, including customer service, innovation, and product quality. However, United Laboratories, Shrey Nutraceuticals, and Herbals Private Limited are often cited as the greatest for their client testimonials and their standing in the industry.

Top Indian Nutraceuticals

Numerous nutraceutical items have filled up the market. Among the Top Nutraceutical Products in India are:

The product range consists of probiotics, Omega Forte for Cardiac Diabetic Problems, Boncare Pro for Orthopedic Use, Lost-IT for Weight Loss, and Grape Seed Extract Combination for Men and Women. Every product is carefully developed to meet certain medical requirements.

New players in the market

The emergence of new supplement brands in India has led to a constant transformation in the nutraceutical industry. A few of the known new brands are:

  • Healthkart HK Vitals Biotin
  • Crazybulk CLENBUTROL
  • Vita Biosa
  • Zandu Seniorz Complete Joint Expert Tablet
  • BBETTER Collagen Supplements
  • Nutrabay
  • Boldfit
  • Fast &Up

Nutraceutical Third-Party Manufacturing

In the nutraceutical market, third-party manufacturing is crucial. Companies are able to concentrate on key capabilities like research and development by being able to outsource their production operations. United Laboratories, Invision Pharma Ltd., and Abha Biotechnology are a few of the leading businesses in the nutraceutical industry that provide third-party manufacturing services.

Listed Nutraceutical Companies in Delhi

Several Listed Nutraceutical Companies are located in Delhi, India, a significant global economic and industrial center. Here are a few of the noteworthy ones:

  • Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals Private Limited
  • Eraas International
  • La Nutraceuticals

These businesses have made a major contribution to Delhi’s nutraceutical industry’s expansion.


In conclusion, the rising demand for wellness products and increased health consciousness are driving the impressive rise of the nutraceutical business in India. A broad market that meets the wide range of health needs of the populace is facilitated by the greatest products, companies, and developing brands. A level of efficiency is added to the nutraceutical business through third-party manufacturing, guaranteeing the supply of superior products. Delhi is a major hub for the operations of nutraceutical enterprises, which supports the general health and well-being of the country, even as the industry undergoes constant change.

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