Calcium citrate, Vitamin K27, Magnesium and Zinc Syrup



Each 10 ml contains

Sr. No. Ingredient List Ingredient Weight
1 Calcium Citrate 600 mg /day
2 Vitamin K27 55mcg/day
3 Magnesium Sulphate 340mg/day
4 Zinc Sulphate 12 mg/day
5 Excipients q.s

Beneficial For :


  • This combination medication is used to prevent or treat low blood calcium levels in people who do not get enough calcium from their diets.
  • Vitamin K2 (MK-7) in this combination plays a central role in the metabolism of calcium, the main mineral found in your bones and teeth. Vitamin K2-7 activates the calcium-binding actions of two proteins: matrix GLA protein and osteocalcin, which help to build and maintain bone health.
  • Zinc supports your immune system and muscles. Magnesium plays a role in metabolism and muscle health and helps manage sleep.


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