L-tryptophan and Pyridoxine Capsule




Sr. No. Ingredient List Ingredient Weight
1 L-tryptophan As per client requirement
2 Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Max. 2 mg/day
3 Excipients q.s
4 Piperine 15 mg/day of piperine, Max
5 Colour Approved colour used in empty hard Gelatin capsule shells/Transparent Capsule Shells/ HPMC/Veg Capsule

Beneficial For :


  • It promotes and Induces good sleep.
  • It is also helpful to provide relief into the painful condition arises due to insomnia.
  • This combination is best combination for the peoples who is having heavy body weight and suffering from the above stated physiological stressed condition and induces weight loss as well.


Available Packaging Size:


  • 60 Nos. Capsule in an air tight HDPE container.
  • Sticker Labels with Artwork Compliance as per FSSAI.
  • Unit Carton with Leaflet and Bottle Pack.


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