Whey peptide, DL-Methionine with amino acid



Each Serving of (15g/20g) Contains:

Sr. No. Ingredient List Ingredient Weight
1 Hydrolysed whey peptide As per client requirement
2 L-LEUCINE 39 mg/day
3 L-ISOLEUCINE 20 mg/day
4 L-VALINE 29 mg/day
5 L-Lysine 30 mg/day
6 DL-Methionine As per client requirement
7 L-Phenylalanine 25 mg/day
8 Cocoa (Chocolate) Bean Extract As per client requirement
9 Excipients q.s.

Beneficial For :


  • Increase the intake of protein in daily diet which induces best absorption and bulkiness of muscular growth.
  • This combination contains BCAA Amino acid which is a powerful antioxidant that enhance the neutralization of free radicals in the body.
  • This product is helpful in helps replenish the amino acids in the muscles during or after the workout, improving recovery.
  • It promotes burning of long-chain fatty acids to produce energy and reduce fat deposits. It helps boost cellular energy.


Available Packaging Size:

As per client requirement.


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